Optimal Sales executive routes and delivery routes Generation

SDMS| | 2 min read

Is your Clock running faster than planning the routes for your sales executives and delivery boys. Don’t worry, Our SDMS system plans and generates optimal routes for your sales and delivery teams in a minute.

Routes are generated dynamically based on various factors

  • Shortest route
  • Capacity utilization of truck
  • Different fleet types
  • Carrier of the vehicle
  • and more.

SDMS System looks at these  constraints which increases the productivity of your sales and maximizes the efficiency of resource(Staff and Vehicle) utilization.

Saves your Money

  • Reduces 10% to 30% on transport cost
  • Reduces upto 20% of number of trucks

Saves the Environment

  • Saves usage of  gas, petrol and diesel
  • Reduces emissions
  • Reduces pollution

Configure your plan(Optional) :

Other than the constraints you can configure your route to limit Number of trucks to be used in each route, delivery time windows, delivery speed, etc.


Generate Sales Route:

Group your shops as a sector. While creating the trip, Planner need to choose the type of sector and resource(staff and vehicle) details. Let your sales executives to take orders in the respective routes.



Real time update from sales person to planner:

Get real-time updates on the changes made via the order taking app and ensure that no single information slips out from reaching your entire sales network.



Solve orders to generate Delivery Route:

Planner pulls previous days orders to deliver the details. Delivery routes are generated  for delivery operations in your business running like following types. We can do this  for other material transfer operations.

  • Type 1:

Primary Route: Tranfer materials from Warehouse to X-Dock points.

Secondary Route: Deliver materials From X-Dock points to the customers

  • Type 2:

Directly transfer and materials  from Warehouse to customers.


Assign Resources for a Delivery Route:

After the route is generated, assign who want to go in the respective route , what vehicle they need to use and list of materials they need to carry. Tell your Sales executives and delivery boys to login and start their trip using SDMS android application.  Once they login, all details is synced in the mobile, now they are ready to start their trip.

Track planned and Actual Routes:

Our SDMS system designed to track the sales and delivery boys actual locations and their travelling path after their trip is started.  You can check planned and actual trip path in a planner panel.