Mobile App based sales lead capture

SDMS| | 1 min read

Let’s start with the basics. A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way.

To grow any business,  “Quality lead generation” is an important activity, especially for a start-up companies. There are many ways to generate a lead. Some of them are:

  • Email marketing
  • Blogs
  • Advertisements in Social media
  • Direct Marketing by Sales Person
  • Advertisement in traditional media

OptiRisk SOM mobile application has the capability to not only capture orders from existing customer, but it also supports capturing potential leads.

Our SDMS application allows your Sales Rep to capture the details of leads and the back end system supports converts leads to customers.

Following are the benefits of using our SOM App / System:

  • Increases productivity of sales persons
  • Improves effectiveness of marketing
  • Increases number of potential customer
  • Minimizes the time of notes taking
  • Reduces erroneous data of leads
  • IT and mobility based solution for quicker lead generation and conversion
  • Provision to capture customer geo-location
  • Provision to capture image of the shops

Capture lead details in android app:

During his sales trip, if the field sales executive comes across any potential customer (lead), he captures the relevant details such as the name of the customer, address, contact details, geo location(automatic) and photo of the shop or customer. The back end sales team reviews the leads, follows up with them and convert them into customers.

Below is the android app screenshot to capture the lead.

Follow-up and update lead details in Web:

The back-end sales team, using our web browser based interface, is allowed to update the customer details of the leads except notes taken by the field sales executives.

Below is the form used by the back-end sales team to review, follow-up and convert or close the leads.