Account Receivable Ageing Summary

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Financial Control is an important aspect of running any business. Managing the “Account Receivable” is one of the key tasks of managing the working capital. “Account Receivable – Ageing Summary Report” helps our customer to visualize pending payments from their customers.

Sales and Delivery Management System (SDMS)” helps our customers to manage their business end to end.

The “Sales Order Management (SOM)” module helps our customers to gather the orders through various sales channels.

The “Delivery Management System” module helps our customer to plan optimal delivery routes for the pending orders.

It also supports paperless delivery using Delivery management system android application.

In addition, the accounting functionality helps the back-office team to enter the payment details. Moreover, it also has provision to list the pending “Account Receivables” for the list of customers.

 Account Receivable Detailed View

Finally, it also supports generating “Account Receivable – Ageing Summary Report” for further follow-up with the customers.

Account Receivable Ageing Summary Report

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