Cloud based Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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We had already developed a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Android Application for a leading global tyre manufacturer.
The Android App communicates via bluetooth with the sensors mounted on the vehicle’s tyres and displays the pressure and temperature of each tyre on the Android device.

What is it?
Sensor data (temperature and pressure) from the TPMS is first captured by the android application. The Android app pushes the sensor data to cloud servers periodically. Once in Cloud Servers, these sensor data can be accessed from anywhere using desktop/laptop computers or even smartphones/tabs. The long-term historical data of the tyres pressure and temperature will be available in the servers for analysis.

Who does it benefit?
The primary users would typically be:
• Fleet owners
• Fleet maintenance crew
• Fleet operations managers/supervisors etc

However, the system could also be used by tyre manufacturers during initial testing of new tyre types, for example. Vehicle manufacturers may also use it for evaluating the performance of different tyres models on their vehicles (if the data is made available to them) and so on…

How it is beneficial?
• Alerts to owners, if any problems in the tyres (pressure & temperature outside pre-configured limits) – sent by e-mail or text (SMS)
• Predective analytics based models can detect failures in advance looking at this data, which can extend tyre and vehicle life.
• Properly monitored, such system can also reduce the fuel usage, further bringing down the operating cost of the vehicles.