12V DC Printer with Wireless Connectivity

We are happy to introduce a new feature in our “Delivery Management System” to generate invoices / receipts and print them on the spot.

Print the Bills/ Receipts from our mobile application via modern Bluetooth wireless communication technology on the go.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) helps companies to achieve faster, more efficient deliveries with significantly less paperwork and reduced manual data entry.

A Proof of Delivery or POD is a receipt which establishes the receiver’s acknowledgement of the freight received in a good condition. POD contains information relayed by the carrier,

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Account Receivable Ageing Summary

Financial Control is an important aspect of running any business. Managing the “Account Receivable” is one of the key tasks of managing the working capital. “Account Receivable – Ageing Summary Report” helps our customer to visualize pending payments from their customers.

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